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African Golden

African Golden

Scientific name: Caracal aurata

The African golden cat is about twice the size of a domestic cat.
They can be found in West and Central Africa, mainly in tropical forests and near rivers.

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Rare footage of elusive golden cat attacking a pangolin

Camera traps set up by our project in Nigeria have captured rare footage of the elusive African golden cat attacking a pangolin in the Gashaka Gumti National Park, home to our Gashaka Biodiversity Project. It is the first time Africa's golden cat has been caught on camera in the area.

Scott Wilson, our Head of Field Conservation and Research, said: "The golden cat is the least known of Africa's felids, so any additional information and footage of it is exciting.

"Camera traps can tend to take a lot of video with nothing on... so when a rare species turns up it is always exciting - when they are exhibiting interesting behaviours, doubly so,"

The video shows the cat pouncing on the pangolin, a long-tailed mammal covered in scaly armoured plates. You can see the pangolin reacting defensively and curling up into a ball to try and protect itself.

Camera traps such as this are used to learn more about rare species living in the area. The footage adds to the limited understanding of the golden cat, clearly showing that pangolin may be prey.

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