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Andean Mountain

Andean Mountain

Scientific name: Leopardus jacobita

The Andean Mountain Cat inhabits in high elevations in the Andes mainly in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

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Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita)

Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita)

* Family: Felidae,

* Genus: Leopardus,

* Species: L. jacobitus,

* Class: Mammalia,

* Type: Mammal,

* Diet: Carnivore,

* Size: Body length: 60-75cm, Tail length: 35-45cm,

* Shoulder height: unknown,

* Weight: (kg) - 3-7,

* Average lifespan in the wild: 16 years

* Zoological name: Oreailurus jacobita,

* Distribution: This species can be found from south Peru to north Chile.

** Also known as the Andean Highland Cat or Mountain Cat, little is known of this small felid. The mountain cat is to be found in the high regions of Bolivia, Peru and Chile, ranging from the dry scrublands lower down the mountains up to beyond the tree line at around 16,000 feet.

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