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Cat Shows

Cat Shows
Cat Shows

Cat ShowsThere are events of Cat Show for over 100 years in many places all over the world.

Cats from United States, Europe, Australia and other places are being presented in the shows.

Each country has its own supervision authority which is responsible to determine the breeds formal standards, register the cats and more.
However, there are also international competitions and shows.
Actually these are beauty pageant for cats 🙂

During the shows the cats owners compete to win titles for specific breeds.
There are different types of shows and certificates for the cats and there are various conditions that the cats are judged according to, and they can be different with each breed standard.

The CFA, Cat Fanciers’ Association from USA is the largest organization in the world for cats registration. Check the CFA website by clicking here.
The GCCF, Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, is the oldest cat registry organization in the world, and it organizes the yearly Supreme Cat Show in England, since 1976. See the GCCF website in this link.

Both non-pedigree and pedigree cats can enter the shows, depending on the specifications of each show and each organization.

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Cat show basics.

Cat showing basics.

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