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Cat Tail

Cat with no tail
Cat Tail

Most cats have a tail, wild, domestic, big, small, almost all of them have one.
Useful functions are controlled by the tail, such as balancing when running or when walking on a narrow place.

Body language exists also in cats through their tail position and it is a way of communication or expressing feelings.
You can know a lot about your cat provided you learn to translate his tail position to his current mood.

Cat with no tail
A cat with no tail

Tail position interpretation:

High Straight in the air – Your cat feels happiness and confidence.

Like a question mark – This is a signal of a playful mood.

Low tail – Beware, your cat is in an aggressive mood.

Tucked away – Now your cat is nervous and fears.

Whipping tail – Stay away, your cat is irritated and aggressive.

Swishing tail – He is serious, focusing on something.

Wrapped around another cat – A sweet moment of friendship.

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