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Cat Urine Facts

Cat Urine Facts

Cat Urine and Your Health

You must eliminate cat pee from your home.
Besides containing bacteria the strong smell of it could affect your respiratory system.
The particular smell is caused by the presence of a high concentration of Ammonia, a natural
element which could be corrosive.
Being exposed and breathing Ammonia for a long time could develop lung irritation or even bronchitis.
Chances are that if you do not eliminate the smell, your cat will pee there again.

When your cat pees outside the litter box, you should evaluate if there is a problem with the litter box or he is urine marking and you have a communication problem.

Cleaning cat urine from floors:
We do not recommend using a simple homemade product, diluting one part of vinegar in three parts of water or even adding baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
You must use an enzyme based cleaner. The urine contains Uric Acid which is not water soluble and the enzymes will do the work.
Read carefully the instructions attached to the cleaner and apply them as needed.
Don’t forget to use gloves whenever dealing with cat urine.

Blood in the Urine:
Contact your vet the sooner the better.
Hematuria, bloody urine may be caused by three reasons:
1-Crystals in Urine or Crystalluria.
The presence of crystals in urine is a common cause of bloody urine mostly in younger cats.
This is an emergency situation and lack of treatment could kill your cat in days.
Special diets and/or surgery are necessary to overcome the problem.
2-Urinary Tract Infections.
In older cats this could be due to a bacteria infection.
Appropriate antibiotic treatment should solve the problem.
3. Interstitial Cystitis.
It is managed by combining special diet together with pain medication.

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