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Scientific name: Felis catus
Origin: Scotland
Body: Medium
Coat Length: Short Hair

The Coupari is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to “fold”, bending forward and down towards the front of their head, which gives the cat what is often described as an “owl-like” appearance.

Originally called lop-eared or lops after the lop-eared rabbit, Scottish Fold became the breed’s name in 1966. Depending on registries, longhaired Scottish Folds are known as Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold and Coupari. Straight-eared specimens are referred to as Scottish Straight, or if long-haired, Highland Straight, Scottish Straight Longhair.

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Cute Scottish Fold cat: we clean his foldy ears and fur! Petting an adorable kitty.

Basil Farrow, a cream-colored Scottish Fold or Coupari purebred cat, gets his foldy ears, owl-eyes, and fat body cleaned. La Carmina strokes him under the chin and rubs behind his ears... happy kitty!

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