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Garfield is a cat, a great one, almost a human cat. He thinks, feels, talks. He is wise, of course, he is a cartoon star who became an American and worldwide celeb.

He was born in 1978 in Muncie IN where Jim Davies is from, as a comic strip.

Very soon it started to be a phenomenal success, the strip was syndicated to a large number of newspapers and Jim never looked back. The economic success was fast as well, becoming an industry of marketing items with Garfield The Cat on them. The combination of creating cartoons and broadcasting them on TV was the milestone for the “big numbers”, billions of dollars are the estimated turnover of a comic strip startup.

Garfield, a lazy sarcastic and fat cat is the center of a story and he is not alone. More participants were created to help to develop a life story of a loving lasagna cat:

Jon: Jon is Garfield’s owner, clumsy, loving and hating cats from time to time, is dating Liz after many difficulties finding a date.

Liz: Dr. Liz is Garfield’s vet, always discouraging the fat, lazy cat from eating junk with very poor success. Her dating Jon is proven to be official as per a famous kiss in 2006.

Odie: How could it be possible a cat without a dog? Odie is the dog. He is part of the story is as a company for Garfield. They are good friends despite the abuse the dog suffers from the cat.

Nermal: Nermal is a self proclaimed “the cutest kitten in the world” is a vain cat who annoys Garfield while being threatened to be sent to Abu Dhabi.

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Jim Davis & Garfield the cat (Entertainment Tonight-1987)

Jim Davis, the artist and cartoonist behind "Garfield" the cat, is profiled in a 1987 Entertainment Tonight piece with Leeza Gibbons and Robb Weller, who hosted the hour long weekend edition at the time.