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Highlander Cat

Highlander CatScientific name: Felis catus
Origin: America
Body: Medium
Coat Length: Long Hair

The Highlander breed first began development in 2004 with its roots tracing back to the REFR-registered Highland Lynx (which in turn was derived from the Desert Lynx, the American Curl and the American Bobtail).

The Highlander has a long sloping forehead and blunt muzzle with a very wide nose. The eyes are wide-set and the ears are upright with a slight curl and a slight turn in the backward direction, and some have polydactyl claws and likes water. The body is substantial and very muscular. Most Highlanders have a naturally short tail, approximately hock-length. Despite the “big-cat look”, the Highlander is a human-oriented, friendly and playful cat.

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Highlander | Cats 101

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