Large Domestic Cats - Maine Coon

Large Domestic Cats

Large Domestic Cats - Maine CoonCaring for big domestic cats is a commitment slight different from caring for common cats. Their needs are similar yet you have to take into consideration their special needs, they are more active than smaller ones and they need more space to move, and of course they eat larger quantities of food.
Some of them show similar behavior as dogs in some aspects such as loyalty to owners and hunting skills.

There are some restricting laws all over the world. Some of them restrict ownership only after five generations from their wild ancestor.

From Wikipedia: “The Australian Federal government has banned the importation into Australia of the Savannah cat, as the larger cats could potentially threaten species of the country’s native wildlife not threatened by smaller domestic cats. A government report into the proposed importation of the cats has warned the hybrid breed may introduce enhanced hunting skills and increased body size into feral cat populations, putting native species at risk. The report states the Savannah cats are not worth the risk.”
Other countries force special import permits and vaccination plans.

Every breed has its own peculiar characteristics, please feel free to visit related pages of our site and learn more about each one of them.

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Large Size Domestic Cats

Some of the breeds of the beautiful large size domestic cats. Aren't they special?!..

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