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North American Cougar

North American Cougar

Scientific name: Puma concolor couguar

The North American cougar, is the cougar subspecies once commonly found in eastern North America and still prevalent in the western half of the continent. As well as several previous subspecies of cougar of the western United States and western Canada, Puma concolor couguar encompasses the remaining populations of the eastern cougar, where the cat was also known as the panther.

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American Puma - the 5th Largest and Strongest Cat in the world.

+ American Puma (Felis Puma Concolor) or Cougar, Mountain Lion is the 5th Largest and Strongest Cat in the world, just behind Siberian Tiger, Egyptian Lion, Tibet Snow Leopard, Patanal Jaguar and Leopard. They're living in North America to South America ,but they're grow up to biggest size in USA and Canada. Although Puma is a member of Felis Genus Cat and similar as small wild cats but their size grow up to big cat's size. Length 1m5 to over 1m 8 and weight 65kg to 80kg. Biggest Male size weight up to 100kg. Cougar is one of highest jump and longest far jump.