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OcelotScientific name: Leopardus pardalis

The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively within South America including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America, and Mexico. It has been reported as far north as Texas. North of Mexico, it is found regularly only in the extreme southern part of Texas, although there are rare sightings in southern Arizona.

Like many wild cats, ocelots are occasionally kept as pets. Salvador Dali frequently traveled with his pet ocelot Babou.

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Ocelot Kitten Learns to Fish

Ocelot kitten Evita learns to fish for live trout for the first time by watching her mother, Bella, on exhibit at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Evita is 16 weeks old in the video, and is the third offspring born to Bella and Brazil at the zoo.

She also explores the exhibit and climbs and dangles from the vines.

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Produced by Ryan Hawk
Shot on Nikon D7000 with Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveler.