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Peruvian Jaguar

Peruvian Jaguar

Pantera onca peruviana

Most of big wild cats are endangered, however, a recent study in Biological Conservation by the AREAS Amazonian Project found that the jaguar population in three Peruvian conservation areas could number as high as 6,000 animals.

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Jaguar - Panthera onca - Onça pintada 1st male - Pantanal, Brazil

Video from my SUPERB 1 month trip to Brazil in October 2013:

I received an invitation from my friend Steve Bird to join him and Gina Nichol on one of his Pantanal trips so I did... a no brainer! - great fun birding with Steve and Gina and their groups is always guaranteed (enhanced with Eduardo Patrial as a suber guide and cool cara) and this was not the exception adding a LOAD of lifers for me plus the orgasmic Jaguar experience!

After 10 or so days in Pantanal, Chapada dos Guimaraes and Serra das Araras with the Zoothera lovely group, I did Atlantic Forest birding Intervales State Park for a week with Luiz one of the greatest guides and finest birders in the area for a week adding those badly wanted big antbirds plus a PLETHORA of Atlantic Forest endemics.

To end a great trip, I traveled with my Colombian mate Gustavo Bravo towards Resende where we meet and enjoyed our days with Luciano Lima (AKA Luciano Passarinho!) birding the highlands and lowlands of the Serra da Mantequeira mainly at Itatiaia National Park and also the Serra do Mar looking for really rare and hidding-jewel birds thanks to Luciano endless bird-knowledge of his region!... loads of fun, some beers and great birds again for a week!

550 species of birds recorded from which 285 were life-birds for me... what a marvelous fuck@#ng trip!!!

Short photo-report of our Pantanal leg of the trip by Gina Nichol from Sunrise Birding: