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Scientific name: Prionailurus rubiginosus

The rusty-spotted cat is one of the cat family’s smallest members, and is found only in India and Sri Lanka. It has been listed as Vulnerable by IUCN in 2002 as the total effective population size is estimated at below 10,000 mature individuals, with a declining trend due to habitat loss, and no sub population containing more than 1,000 mature breeding individuals.

As of 2010, the captive population of Prionailurus rubiginosu. phillipsi comprised 56 individuals in eight institutions, of which 11 individuals were kept in the Colombo Zoo and 45 individuals in seven European zoos.

When raised in captivity as a pet, the rusty spotted cat is affectionate, playful, and expressive, and forms strong bonds with its keeper

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WHF Rusty Spotted Cats - Chan & Nuwara

Meet two of the the newer residents at WHF, two female Rusty-Spotted Cats, Chan and Nuwara. Female Rusty-Spotted Cats are the smallest of all cat species weighing in at less than a kilo! But these sisters are showing that they more than make up for their small size with their fiesty and lively personalities! They have finished their quarantine and have now moved into their new enclosure, and are having lots of fun investigating it.

Watch this space for future updates on these adorable little sisters. Video taken by Jackie Thomas at Wildlife Heritage Foundation