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Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

Scientific name: Felis catus
Origin: United States
Body: Medium, Large
Coat Length: Short Hair

The Savannah is a hybrid cat breed. It is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat.

Some Savannahs are reported to be very social and friendly with new people and other cats and dogs, while others may run and hide or revert to hissing and growling when seeing a stranger. Exposure to other people and pets is most likely the key factor in sociability as Savannah kittens grow up.

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Savannah Cat

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A Beautiful Relationship - Savannah Cat MAGIC and Andreas Stucki.

See more: -- This is a short video about the world's tallest domestic cat, MAGIC (and probably the biggest - yet to be confirmed at 27-9-09) and Andreas Stucki the charming son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki. MAGIC is a F1 Savannah cat bred and raised at A1 Savannahs and now owned by Bella Gattini Cattery owned and run by Lee and Kim Draper. The music is by Kevin MacLeod called, Long Road Ahead, Celtic and Folk music. It is royalty free. Google "Kevin MacLeod music".