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The Cape Lion

The Cape Lion

Scientific name: Panthera leo melanochaitus

The Cape lion was a subspecies of lion that is now extinct.

The Cape lion was the second largest and heaviest of the lion subspecies: a fully grown male could weigh 500 pounds (230 kg) and reach 10 feet (3.0 m) in length. This lion is distinguished by his large size and his thick black mane with a tawny fringe around the face. The tips of the ears were also black.

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Vuyani Safari Lodge - Lion Kill - Warning Animal Violence!

A young male Cape Lion digs out an entire family of warthogs on one of our Vuyani Safari Lodge game drives in the Blue Canyon Conservancy in South Africa.
He snatches one of the warthogs and drags him into the bush, only to bring him back out for everyone to witness how he trains his cubs to kill, and then drags the hog back into the bush for the final blow.

Warning this clip contains animal violence!

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Original footage is from: Mindy Mohr
Thank you very much for letting use use the clip!
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