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The East African Lion

The East African Lion

Scientific name: Panthera leo nubica

These lions, also called Masai lion, were first described on the basis of observations in northern Uganda, near Kavirondo and in southern Kenya, as well as near Lake Manyara, around Mount Kilimanjaro and in the Tanga Region.

Male Masai lions are known for a great range of mane types.

This lion subspecies is relatively common and well protected in large protected areas as the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem.

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Egyptian Lion (Barbary Lion) - the Biggest Lion in the world. Weight up to 400kg!

Egyptian Lion (Panthera Leo Nubica) or Barbary Lion, Nubian Lion is the biggest Lion in the world and the 2nd biggest and strongest cat in the world, just behind Siberian Tiger in Russia. Egyptian Lion found in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, north Sudan and east Morocco. Usually length 2m2 to 2m4, height 1m to 1m2 at shoulder and weight 200kg to 275kg. But Simba, the Biggest Lion ever recorded weight up to 400kg.

Siberian Tiger weight 500kg: