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Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat
Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat
Scientific name: Felis catus
Origin: Turkey, United Kingdom
Body: Large
Coat Length: Medium Hair

The breed is rare, and is distinguished by the Van pattern (named for the breed), where the colour is restricted to the head and the tail, and the rest of the cat is white.

The Turkish Van is an excellent hunter. Although early bloodlines had a tendency to be aggressive, today the breed is generally very social, with a friendly disposition toward people, and the cats tend to develop a strong bond with their owners. They are very playful and lively. Many Turkish Vans will play fetch, and may bring a toy to their owner to initiate play.

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Turkish Van cat loves water

We begin to realise that we might have something unusual when our family cat Oscar voluntarily goes for a dip in the pool. It looks likely that he is part 'Turkish Van' or swimming cat!